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Web UI Developer

Web UI Developer

Client of Edison Search

Job Responsibilities

1) Responsible for the front-end/small program/back-end management system development of the company’s business and product lines;
2) Infrastructure construction of front-end professional lines, component extraction and maintenance;
3) Responsible for the development of mobile web page functions;
4) Code writing, page overall resource integration, logic realization, front-end and back-end joint debugging;
5) Responsible for realizing front-end business requirements, optimizing workflow, and supporting urgent needs of business lines;

Job Requirements

1) Basic requirements: proficient in trial vue technology;
2) College degree or above, more than 2 years of actual JavaScript development experience, a good foundation of object-oriented programming, and h5 application development experience is preferred;
3) Proficient in Javascript, HTML, CSS and other technologies;
4) Familiar with http and the compatibility of various browser terminals, have a certain understanding and related practices on the performance optimization of the web front desk and common web vulnerabilities;
5) Familiar with and used cutting-edge frameworks such as angular, react, vue, familiar with and using ES6 standards, actual project experience is preferred;
6) Familiar with one or more front-end packaging tools: webpack, gulp, etc.;
7) Understand nodejs, understand web server configuration such as nginx, and understand linux commands;
8) Possess a better back-end development language, strong communication and teamwork skills;

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Job Overview
Offered Salary
AED 18,000
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