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Web Front-End Development Engineer

Web Front-End Development Engineer

Client of Edison Search

Job Responsibilities
a) Design and development of Web applications
b) Javascript data processing
c) Complex Ajax interactive development
d) Web interface design and development
e) Html/css code quality control
f) Participate in the company’s project requirements, research and development design related discussions, and put forward optimization suggestions from the front-end design perspective

g) Responsible for the front-end development of the company’s product projects to achieve the interactive effects required by the product
h) Maintain good communication with back-end development and complete specific development work efficiently
i) Continue to optimize the front-end experience and page response speed and ensure adaptation and compatibility
j) Responsible for the design and development of PC and mobile pages according to project or product requirements
k) Continue to optimize front-end applications, improve user interaction and vision, ensure the compatibility of front-end web pages and page response speed, and be responsible for the maintenance of front-end code
l) Cooperate with back-end developers to jointly complete projects or products
m) Responsible for the preparation of front-end development documents

Job Requirements
(1): Proficient in JavaScript, ES6, skilled in using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript to build Web pages
(2): Proficient Vue 2/3 family bucket
(3): Responsible for front-end performance optimization, and continuous optimization of quality, performance and experience
(4): Familiarize yourself with the differences in code compatibility across browser cores
(5): Clear code comments, low redundancy, naming specifications
(6): Work proactively and work with other colleagues to improve the overall quality of the project
(7): At least 3 years of practical front-end development experience

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Job Overview
Offered Salary
AED 18,000
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