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Technical Architect

Technical Architect

Client of Edison Search

Job Responsibilities
a) Responsible for technology selection, architecture construction, formulation of development
specifications, and preparation of related documents
b) Responsible for the construction of the framework, the formulation of general component
schemes, performance optimization and related work, and promote the construction of
engineering, automation and tooling
c) Maintain and upgrade the local development environment, improve development efficiency and
improve development quality
d) Responsible for cutting-edge technology research and new technology research
e) Responsible for the overall technical planning, system architecture design and optimization of
the company’s product platform for tens of millions of users
f) Responsible for the final performance, stability and scalability of the design system
g) Participate in the review of various technical solutions, be able to produce corresponding
technical solutions and communicate with customers on technical solutions
h) Keep track on industry technology trends
i) Responsible for tackling key technical issues

Job Requirements
(1): Proficient in php, python, java, vue development language commonly used technical framework
(2): Proficient in relational and non-relational databases, and at least one of them has in-depth
underlying research
(3): Proficient in database distributed architecture, web server cluster architecture, distributed cache,
message queue middleware, web/database middleware
(4): Proficient in linux/unix, windows server server
(5): Have an in-depth understanding of the overall security of the project
(6): Clear logical thinking, with strong document writing skills and good language skills
(7): Proficient in technical code development standards, developer operating specification manual
(8): Continue to maintain enthusiasm for cutting-edge technology exploration, rapid learning, pay
attention to code quality, regularly adjust the technical teamwork norms
(9): Regular technical training and sharing, to promote the team’s common progress, improve the
overall working ability of the technical group
(10): Work closely with the project manager to regularly check the technical team code quality
(11): More than 6 years of practical architecture experience

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Job Overview
Offered Salary
AED 30,000
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